Streamline Your Bookkeeping and Payroll Processes

Efficient bookkeeping and accurate payroll management are essential for the smooth operation of your business. At ITech Tax Consultancy Private Limited, we offer comprehensive bookkeeping and payroll services, allowing you to focus on core business activities while we handle the financial aspects. Our dedicated team ensures that your books are well-organized, and your employees are paid accurately and on time.

  1. Bookkeeping Services
    • Transaction Recording: We accurately record and classify your financial transactions, ensuring that your books are up to date.
    • Bank Reconciliations: Our experts reconcile your bank statements with your financial records, identifying any discrepancies and ensuring accurate financial reporting.
    • Accounts Payable and Receivable: We manage your accounts payable and receivable processes, ensuring that bills are paid on time and customer invoices are tracked.
  2. Payroll Management
    • Employee Payroll Processing: Our team handles payroll processing, including calculating employee salaries, deductions, and tax withholdings.
    • Payroll Tax Compliance: We ensure compliance with payroll tax regulations, including the accurate calculation and timely remittance of payroll taxes.
    • Employee Record Maintenance: We maintain comprehensive employee records, including details of earnings, deductions, and employment history.
  3. Financial Reporting
    • Customized Reports: We generate customized financial reports related to bookkeeping and payroll, providing you with insights into your business's financial performance and payroll expenses.